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ZEBRA® Dummy Elastomeric Connectors

Non-conductive silicone strips made in the same exacting tolerances as the conductive ZEBRA® connectors.

Used in locations adjacent to the active connector to balance the overall leveling and positioning of the display; also to control shock and vibration, and for use as an environmental seal between bezels and LC displays.

Can be installed in the same plane as the connector, and also between the bezel and the display in a variety of easy installation methods.

Consistent dimensional tolerance control assures accurate electronic packaging.

Typical Dummy ZEBRA² installation as an environmental seal and as dummy connector.


  • LCD and EL display balancing
  • Bezel gasket, environmental seal
  • Shock, vibration damping

Two types are available which match the mechanical functions of the active ZEBRA® connectors: extruded and closed cell sponge. A range of compression characteristics are available based on the material durometer selections shown below.

Type Application Guidelines Dimensions (mm)
Extruded 19 Durometer - translucen
25 Durometer - pink, blue
Length 457.0
Width 152.0
Thickness 0.38min.,
then in increments of 0.127 up to 1.78
Sponge 20 Durometer - pink maximum:
Thickness 0.38min.,
then in increments of 0.127 up to 1.78

Part Number Nomenclature

To specify a Dummy connector to your exact requirements, substitute the metric measurements for width, length and height according to the instructions below.

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