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Advantages of Putty Type Gap Fillers  I  Live Webinar with Q&A Session 

The need for low compression force Thermal Gap Fillers continues to become more prevalent.  Tolerance variations drive the need for compliant Thermal Gap Filler Materials.  To satisfy these market requirements, Fujipoly® offers an extensive line of compressible Putty Gap Filler Materials.  Our expertise in silicone formulation makes us the market leader in high-performance Putty Type Thermal Gap Fillers.

Key Topics Include:

  • What is a Putty vs. a standard Gap Filler
  • Comparisons of stress strain of Putties vs. Standard Gap Fillers
  • Advantages of Putty over dispensable Gap Fillers
  • Handling/Application Notes

Presented by: 
Christian Mainegra, Sales Engineer 
Christian is a Thermal Interface Material expert and 2012 graduate of The New Jersey Institute of Technology.  He has six years’ experience as Sales Engineer at Fujipoly® America Corporation.





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