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Two-Part Gap Filler

The SARCON® LG Series is the perfect solution for filling large, complex and uneven gaps between heat generating components that depend on reliable contact with a heat spreader to maintain optimal performance.

SARCON® LG23A and LG30A easily dispense in a liquid form that will cure at room temperature or can be dramatically accelerated with exposure to temperatures up to 100°. The mixed components cure into a flexible gel that is highly thermally conductive while exhibiting extremely low stress on delicate board components. Once cured the materials deliver a thermal conductivity of 2.3 and 3.0 W/m°K respectively.

LG Series materials are available in cartridges, pails and drums allowing them to be applied by hand or automated dispensers.




Since it is a two component curing type, it flows while absorbing gaps when uncured, and after curing it cures following the irregularities, demonstrating high adhesion and excellent heat transfer effect.

  • Low repulsion load (stress) protects electronic components and boards from
    vibration and shock.
  • Maintains excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance and
    electrical insulation of silicon.
  • Work with a dispenser is possible.
Series Characteristics Packaging Options
SARCON® LG23A General-purpose type
Thermal Conductivity: 2.3W/m•K (ASTM D5470)
SARCON® LG30A Thermal Conductivity: 3.0W/m•K (ASTM D5470)



Properties Unit LG23A LG30A Test Method
Physical Properties Color A / B White / Yellow Red / White visual
Specific Gravity - 2.9 3.1 JIS K6220
Viscosity Pa•s 1.0(1/s) 130 / 130 150 / 150  
A / B
Hardness (Cured) Shore-OO 55 50 ASTM D2240
ASKER-C 34 32 JIS K7312
Maximum particle size mm 0.09 0.09 -
Electrical Properties Breakdown Voltage kV/mm 9 9 JIS K6249
Volume Resistivity Ω•m 1x1010 1x1010 JIS K6249
Thermal Properties Thermal Conductivity W/m•K 2.3 3.0 ASTM D5470
2.2 3.1 ISO 22007-2
Curability Pot Life (23°C )  min 60 60 -
Curing time (23°C )  hrs 6hrs 6hrs t=6mm 90% Cure
(100°C )  min 5min 10min


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