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In areas where space between surface is uneven or
varies and where surface textures are a concern
regarding efficient thermal transfer, the supple
consistency of Gap Filler Pad is excellent for filling air
gaps and uneven surfaces.



• Highly Conformable and High Heat Conducting Gel materials
• SARCON Thermal Gap Filler Pads are highly conformable and high heat conducting gel materials in a versatile sheet form.
• Easily fit and adhere to most all shapes and sizes of components, including protrusions and recessed areas.



Series Characteristics Construction
SARCON GR100A-00 Silicone compound with double sticky surfaces and Thermal Conductivity of GR100A material is 10.0W/m-K by using Hot Disk.
SARCON GR100A-0H Silicone compound as above GR100A-00 plus additional hardening of the top surface to facilitate handling and installation during complex assemblies.



Properties unit GR100A-00 Test method Specimen
Color - Pink Visual -
Specific Gravity - 3.2 ASTM D792 A
Highest Value
Shore OO 50 ASTM D2240 B
ASKER-C 30 JIS K7312
Volume Resistivity Ohm-m 3.0x1011 ASTM D257 C
Breakdown Voltage kV/mm (volts/mil)   10 (254) ASTM D149 C
Dielectric Strength kV/mm (volts/mil)   9 (229) ASTM D149 C
Dielectric Constant - 50Hz 11.4 ASTM D150 A
1kHz 9.6
1MHz 8.4
Dissipation Factor - 50Hz 0.372 ASTM D150 A
1kHz 0.070
1MHz 0.024
Thermal Conductivity W/m-K   10.0 by Hot Disk ISO 22007-2 D
Useful Temperature ? (°F) -40 to +150 (-40 to +302) - -
Low molecular Siloxane wt% D3 to D10 0.0010   Gas Chromatography -
Flame Retardant - V-0 UL 94 -




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