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Highly Conformable and Non-Flammable, Higher Thermal interface materials

SARCON® Extremely Compressible Gap Filler Type (Putty Type) is a highly conformable, thermally conductive, non-flammableinterface materials. The surface consistency is excellent for filling small air gaps and uneven mating surface, making reliablecontact with various shapes and sizes of components.


Test Property Unit PG130A Method
Thermal Conductivity   Watt/m•K 13.0 ISO 22007-2
Thermal Resistance

(original thickness 2.0mm)

100kPa /14.5psi K-cm2/W 1.07(0.17) ASTM D5470 equiv.
300kPa /43.5psi 0.41(0.06)
500kPa /72.5psi 0.22(0.03)
Flame Retardancy   UL94 TBA UL94
Operating Temperature   °C (°F)

-40 to +150 (-40 to +302)

-40 to +150
Color   Visual Pink
Specific Gravity   3.0 ASTM D792
Volume Resistivity   MΩ•m 2.0 x 109 ASTM D257
Breakdown Voltage   kV/mm (volts/mil) 13(330) ASTM D149
Dielectric Constant: 50Hz 13.60 ASTM D150
1kHz 10.60
1MHz 9.30
Dissipation Factor: 50Hz 0.500 ASTM D150
1kHz 0.095
1MHz 0.029

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