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Gap Filler Pads (Putty)

The chart below contains link to all Putty products. Select a part to view details.

SARCON ® Type Application Guidelines Typical Thermal Conductivity
Cal/cm - sec - °C Watt/m•K
SARCON® PG25A Putty Lowest modulus, putty-like gap filler available 5.9 x 10-3 2.50
SARCON ® PG45A Lowest modulus, putty-like gap filler available 10.7  x 10-3 4.50
SARCON ® PG65A Highly Conformable and Non-Flammable 15.6 x 10-3 6.50
SARCON ® PG80B High performance thermal conductivity gap filler pad 19.1 x 10-3 8.00
SARCON ® PG130A  Very high thermal conductivity putty  26.3 x 10-3 13.00

SARCON® Silicone Putty is a highly conformable, thermally conductive, nonflammable interface materials. It’s thermal performance is equal to our most highly rated GR45A, GR80A and PG130A Silicone Gap Filler Pads.

Four formulations are available, PG25A, PG45A, PG80A and XR-PG130A. The specifications for each can be found in the chart below. The surface consistency is excellent for filling small air gaps and uneven mating surfaces, making reliable contact with various shapes and sizes of components.

  • Very low compression force at high compression rate
  • Suitable for gaps as small as 0.3mm or less
  • UL94 V-0 certified
  • Available in three formulations



  • Sheets
  • Die-cuts


  • Between chassis wall and heat sink
  • Between CPU and heat sink
  • Between semiconductor and heat sink
  • Component to heat spreader



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