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SPG-25B-NS Silicone-Free Compound

SARCON® Form in Place Gap Filler Type is highly conformable and high thermal conductive type silicone free compound with very low compression force. It provides a thermal solution for the recent trends of higher frequencies and integration in the development of electronic devices. SARCON® Form in Place Gap Filler Type is suitable for filling delicate gaps and still provides a superior thermal transfer.

Available in 30cc syringe or 325cc cartridge. Custom packaging available upon request. 

Recommended Applications:

  • Suitable for filling delicate gaps and still provides superior thermal transfer.
  • Highly conformable with very low compression forces.
  • Has excellent vibration absorption capabilities.
  • Maintains thermal properties across a wide temperature range.
  • Can be used to "Form-In-Place" and will remain form stable.
  • Requires no heat curing.
  • Will not cause corrosion on any metal surface.
  • Silicone free.


Property Unit SPG-25B-NS Method
Specific Gravity 2.5 ASTM D792
Viscosity Pa•s 6000 Brookfield
Thermal Conductivity Watt/m•K 2.5 Hot Disk method
Thermal Resistance K•cm2/W

0.5mm = 2.1
1.0mm = 4.2

ASTM D5470



Thermal resistance under heat, cold, humid and thermal shock conditions.

+70?C Aging  +120?C Aging  -40?C Aging
Gaps Initial 100hrs 100hrs
0.5mm 2.0 2.0 2.0

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