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Coextrusions - Applications


  • RFI/EMI gaskets and shielding
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Electrical and Electronic parts used in:
    • cameras
    • computers
    • switches
    • instrumentation
    • displays
    • controls

Complex shapes of silicone rubber consisting of different properties such as conductive and non-conductive segments, or color coding. Specifically custom designed to eliminate multiple extruded components by combining different elements into one unitized design.

Quick turnaround and cost-effective tooling preparation for your proprietary needs. For engineering assistance and more detailed information, please contact customer service.

Product Examples

Cover the copper pipe with the round tube with slit and insert the temperature sensor into the other hole. It is used as a heat transfer component during temperature measurement.

Used as a heat-dissipating insulating material for transformers for halogen lamps.

Used for heat dissipation and insulation of power transistors. Compared to sheet-shaped sircon, the edge distance is shorter, enabling high-density component mounting.

Used for insulation protection of semiconductors, especially power transistors. Space saving between transistors is possible compared to round tubes.

Used as a cushioning material for heat dissipation of a transformer or as a spacer material.

It is used as a heat dissipation / insulating material for transformers due to its function of dissipating heat from the heating element.

Used as a heat conductive rubber cushion for heat welding heat sealing machines.


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