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Thin Bond Line Thermal Interface Material

Thin Bond Line Thermal Interface Material

Sarcon® SG-26SL is an easy-to-apply, thermally conductive and electrically non-conductive silicone-based compound that exhibits a low thermal resistance.

When dispensed between a component such as a CPU or power converter and a heat sink, this material delivers a thermal conductivity of 2.6 W/m°K. The product’s physical characteristics and minimal bleed and evaporation properties make Sarcon® SG-26SL a great choice for thin bond line applications. If any board re-work is required, the material can be removed by simply wiping with a cloth.

Sarcon® SG-26SL delivers consistent performance across broad temperatures ranging from -55°C to 205°C.  Packaging options include pre-filled syringes and bulk jars for manual or automated dispensing applications.  

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