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Thermal Compound Sets New Industry Benchmark

Thermal Compound Sets New Industry Benchmark

Fujipoly’s new SARCON SPG-50A sets a new performance standard for form-in-place gap filler materials by delivering a thermal conductivity of 5.0 W/m°K. In addition, the new silicone-based compound exhibits ultra-low compression force making it ideal for applications that have delicate components or low compression requirements.

The form stable SPG-50A material fills large gaps around fragile circuit board solder points without causing damage or loss in performance and efficiently transfers heat from any board-level source to a nearby heat sink or heat spreader. Fujipoly’s newest thermal compound will not cause corrosion on metal surfaces, and maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range (-40C to + 150C). SARCON® SPG-50A is available in easy-to-use tubes or syringes.

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