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Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

At this week’s Semi-Therm28 symposium in San Jose, California, Fujipoly introduced a new line of thermally conductive and electrically insulative double-sided tape. The Sarcon® D-Tac product offering is available in both an acrylic and silicone base formulation.

Sarcon® D-Tac 7A reinforced acrylic tape offers high adhesion strength with a thermal conductivity of 0.7 W/m•K and a thermal resistance as low as 3.5 º C•cm²/W. This product is ideal for lower power densities.

Sarcon® D-Tac 9A silicone tape is perfect for higher operating temperatures and provides a thermal conductivity of 0.9 W/m•K with a thermal resistance as low as 2.1 ºC•cm²/W.

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