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Small LCD Connectors

Small LCD Connectors

As next-generation electronic devices decrease in size, the need for a reliable interconnect device between the LCD user-interface and the printed circuit board becomes a major design consideration. The Zebra® 2005 Elastomeric Connector from Fujipoly is one of the industry's most cost-effective and reliable options for smaller consumer electronic products and commercial instrumentation.

This low-profile Zebra® connector can be ordered in application-specific widths ranging from .015” (.38mm) to .118” (3.0mm). The layered carbon-filled and non-conductive silicone construction incorporates 500 conductors per inch to accommodate applications with LCD contact spacing of .006” (.15mm).

This Fujipoly elastomeric connector offers a current carrying capacity of 50 mA per .040” x .040” pad. In addition, the Zebra® 2005 can be ordered with solid or sponge edge supports. The low compression force material creates a larger base width and eliminates the need to install a connector holder on the circuit board. 

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