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Setting the Standard for TIMs

Setting the Standard for TIMs

To accommodate diverse thermal cooling requirements, Fujipoly® offers (4) formulations of Standard Performance Gap Filler Pads. Each of the products in the SARCON® Standard Performance series have a different material construction in order to perfectly balance the performance demands of Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Resistance, Gap Thickness and Production Cost.

This series of SARCON® thermal interface materials range in thickness from 0.50mm to 5.00mm. Depending on the material selected and application thickness, these products will provide a thermal conductivity between 1.3 and 4.5 W/m°K with a thermal resistance between 0.19 and 2.58 °Cin2/W.

The materials are offered in pre-cut sheets that can be die-cut or trimmed to virtually any size or proprietary shape for the perfect component fit. Once installed, the silicone-based material efficiently transfers heat from heat-generating electronic components to a nearby heat sink.

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