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Remarkable Performance

Remarkable Performance

Fujipoly’s Sarcon® XR-v-AL is a uniquely formulated silicone thermal interface material that offers the installation flexibility of a putty-like sheet and the performance of a high-end gap filler pad. Sarcon® XR-v-AL provides a remarkable thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m°K and thermal resistance of just .04 °Cin2/W.

The non-flammable, peel-and-stick interface material is only .11mm thick and can quickly be applied to almost any electronic component or heat sink with the ease of an adhesive label. Sarcon® XR-v-AL is available in sheet form on an easy-release carrier up to a maximum 50mm x 50mm dimension.  Once applied, this thermal interface material exhibits an extremely low contact resistance and efficiently transfers heat from its source to a heat sink or spreader.

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