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New Form-in-Place Thermal Compound Offers Many Advantages

New Form-in-Place Thermal Compound Offers Many Advantages

Fujipoly announces the introduction of SARCON® SPG-20A, an easy to dispense, low-viscosity thermally conductive silicone compound. When applied between a heat-generating component and a nearby heat sink or spreader, the very low compression, form-in-place material completely fills all unwanted gaps up to .50 mm in height.

The form stable thermal compound requires no heat curing, will not cause corrosion on metal surfaces, and maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range (-40C to + 150C). In addition, SARCON® SPG-20A provides a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/m°K with a thermal resistance of only 2.1°C cm2/W. The unique physical properties of this silicone compound also allow for excellent vibration absorption and have proven to be an effective thermal solution for both current and emerging higher-frequency electronics applications.

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