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New Benchmark for Thin Film Performance

New Benchmark for Thin Film Performance

Fujipoly’s SARCON® 30XR-Um Thin Film sets a new standard for performance and compressibility. The putty-like thermal gap filler pad exhibits a thermal conductivity of 17 watt/m-k and a thermal resistance of only 0.02 °Cin2/W.

The unique physical properties of this thermal interface material allow it to be compressed quickly using a very low compression force. The 0.3mm thin film is available in sheets up to 50mm x 50mm and can be cut to custom lengths or die-cut to fit the exact shape of your heat-generating components.

SARCON XR-Um complies with UL 94 V-0 flame retardancy specifications and is most commonly used to transfer heat from medium to high-power CPUs and semiconductors to nearby heat sinks.

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