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Great Support

Great Support

Fujipoly’s Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors are ideal for connecting LCD panels to circuit boards with a very low deflection force. Each connector is made from an economical and highly reliable Zebra® core that is sandwiched between two soft sponge supports.  The silicone rubber “supports” create a larger base width and eliminate the need to install a separate holder. The connector is available in a multitude of widths to accommodate LCD’s with a minimum glass lip overhang of 0.060”/1.5 mm.

The carbon-based ZEBRA® connectors can be ordered with 140, 240 or 500 conductive layers per inch and provide a current carrying capacity of .050 mA per .040” x .040” pad.

The physical characteristics of the sponge dramatically reduce bowing of the PCB due to the minimal force required to make full electrical contact. This also makes the product ideal for severe shock and vibration applications commonly found in hand-held devices. 

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