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Fujipoly® to Present Carbon Fiber TIM Webinar

Fujipoly® to Present Carbon Fiber TIM Webinar
On April 18th at 2:00 PM ET, Fujipoly® will present an “Introduction To Carbon Fiber-Orientated Thermal Gap Filler” at the online EV Engineering event presented by CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine. 
Applications Engineering Manager from Fujipoly® America, Christian Miraglia, discuss the ever-increasing need for higher conductivity thermal gap fillers and how to increase thermal conductivity, Fujipoly has explored various thermal fillers to achieve ultra-high thermal conductivity. One of those fillers is Carbon Fiber-Orientated Thermal Gap Filler. The engineer will explore some of the properties of carbon fiber-oriented gap fillers as well as best practices for implementing them and how they can be a great option when more conventional thermal gap fillers are not proving the thermal resistance or compliance needed.
Christian will also host a live question and answer session immediately following the 30-minute presentation.
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