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ECU and Embedded Systems Cooling

ECU and Embedded Systems Cooling

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are the brains of modern vehicles. As engineers push the limits of performance, safety and passenger comfort they can pack nearly 100 embedded systems into a single, mobile platform. To maintain optimum performance, all ECU processors must be kept cool and within strict operational temperatures.

Fujipoly® offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive assortments of Thermal Interface Materials for both commercial and military vehicle ECUs. The company manufactures its proprietary Sarcon® material in many different forms, thicknesses and shapes to satisfy nearly any application requirement.  These silicone based options include sheets, thin films, putty, and form-in-place compounds. Low cost as well as high performance options provide thermal conductivity ranging from 0.9 to 17.0 W/m°K with thermal resistance as low as .02°Cin2/W at 14.5 PSI.

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