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Call In the Reinforcements

Call In the Reinforcements

Fujipoly® introduces a new line of high-performance, glass fabric reinforced thermal interface materials. Sarcon® GAR thin films deliver a high thermal conductivity (3.0 W/m°K) while exhibiting a thermal resistance as low as .17°Cin2/W.

The reinforced film is a great choice for complex die-cut shapes and exerts a low force on components as it fills near?microscopic air gaps between the heatsink and board-level heat sources. This dramatically increases surface contact and measurably improves the cooling performance of the heatsink.

Fujipoly’s® V?0 equivalent thin film is recommended for applications with operational temperatures that range from ?40°C to +150°C. Sarcon® GAR comes in three thicknesses (0.2, 0.3, and 0.45mm) and is offered in rolls, pre-cut sheets or can be die-cut to the exact shape you need.

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