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Built-In Advantages

Built-In Advantages

Fujipoly’s Sarcon® 250G-HF2d thermal interface material is manufactured with a reinforced nylon mesh inner layer as well as a low-tac surface treatment. These features prevent die-cut holes from collapsing and help maintain original spec tolerances during final assembly.  These material enhancements also reduce tearing, elongation and damage making your production operations faster and easier.

The 2.5mm thick material improves cooling performance by filling unwanted air gaps between board components and processors thereby increasing surface contact with a heatsink.  Sarcon® 250G-HF2d transfers heat with a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/m°K per ASTM D2326 and a thermal resistance of 2.61°Cin2/W at 14.5 PSI (16.81°Ccm2/W at 100Kpa).  This flame retardant TIM is available in precut sheets up to 300mm x 200mm and can be die-cut or trimmed to fit your components. Depending on gap size, additional material thicknesses are available ranging from 0.5mm-5.0mm.

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