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4-Watt Thin Film for High Power Applications

4-Watt Thin Film for High Power Applications

Sarcon® 30YR-c from Fujipoly® is a compliant silicone thin film that is ideal for filling near-microscopic air gaps that exist between high-power heat generating components and heatsinks. By increasing surface area contact, it is possible to measurably improve cooling effectiveness and operational performance.

Sarcon® 30YR-c is a high-performance 0.3mm thick material that exhibits a thermal conductivity of 4.0 W/m•K and a thermal resistance of only .21° C•in2/W. This V?0 rated thin film is recommended for applications with operational temperatures that range from ?40°C to +150°C. Sarcon® 20YR-c can be ordered in roll form up to 125mm wide or can be die-cut to your exact application requirements.  

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