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Sarcon® SPG-70A is highly conformable/thermally conductive, low viscosity and easier dispensable type silicone compound. It provides a thermal solution for the recent trends of higher frequencies and integration in the development of electronic devices.

Sarcon® SPG-70A easily forms and adheres to most of surfaces, shapes, and sizes of components. Sarcon® SPG-70A makes complete and reliable physical contact with the component and opposing surfaces. It provides handling properties that are superior to thermal grease & potting materials.

  • Thermal transfer from heat generating device to heat spreader or heat sink.


  • Fill large gaps while providing superior thermal transfer.
  • Conformable with very low compression forces.
  • Excellent vibration absorption capabilities.
  • Maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range.
  • Used to "Form-In-Place" and remain form stable.
  • Requires no heat curing.
  • Will not cause corrosion on any metal surface.


Property Unit SPG-70A Method
Specific Gravity 3.2 JIS K 6220/ASTM D792
Viscosity Pa•s 2750 ASTM D1824modified
4020 ASTM D1824modified
Thermal Conductivity Watt/m•K 7.0 Hot Disk method
Thermal Resistance K•cm2/W 1.7 ASTM D5470




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