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New High Thermal Conductivity Non-Silicone Greases

New High Thermal  Conductivity Non-Silicone Greases

Fujipoly® USA introduces new 5 and 6W/m-K SARCON® thermally conductive greases to the North American market.  SARCON® SG-50NS and SG-60NS greases offer excellent stability over wide temperature ranges with low thermal resistance. They feature exceptionally low bleed and evaporation as well as the non-silicone advantages of no creep or migration.

SG-50NS and SG-60NS are high-performance, thermal greases designed to meet the thermal, reliability and low-price requirements of high-end chipset, graphic processors trend ever-faster clock speeds. They are used as efficient thermal “path” between a flip-chip microprocessor package and its device-cooling heat sink to fills the microscopic irregularities of the components, resulting in very low thermal resistance.

SARCON® SG-50NS and SG-60NS high thermal conductivity greases are currently only available to the North American market. North American customers can request samples and information on this product from Fujipoly® USA. Greases are available in pre-filled 3cc, 10cc or 30cc syringes as well as 1 lb. jar containers. Custom packaging is also available upon request. Additional silicone and non-silicone formulations with a thermal conductivity up to 4.2 W/m°K are also available to all markets.

Request samples at or 732.969.0100.

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