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New 21 W/m•K CF210A Carbon Fiber Thermal Gap Filler

New 21 W/m•K CF210A Carbon Fiber Thermal Gap Filler

Fujipoly America introduces SARCON® CF210A, the newest Fujipoly thermal gap filler. CF210A incorporates carbon fibers along with traditional fillers found in thermal gap filler materials. The carbon fibers allow for higher thermal conductivity while remaining compliant. SARCON® CF210A’s compliance is closer to a much lower conductivity gap filler such as SARCON® PG25A. While the thermal resistance of more traditional gap fillers tends to drop with compression, carbon-fiber reinforced materials like CF210A have a stable thermal resistance, regardless of compression.

This highly thermally conductive gap filler is offered in thicknesses from 1.50mm to 2.5mm in .5mm increments and is available in sheets 130mm x 130mm (suggested usable is 120mm x 120mm).

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