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Gap Filler Pads (Low Compression Force)

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SARCON ®TypeApplication GuidelinesTypical Thermal Conductivity
Cal/cm - sec - °C Watt/m•K
SARCON ® GR-Sd Low Compression
Force Gap Filler
Low modulus gap filler material 3.4 x 10-3 1.50
SARCON ® GR-SL Lowest modulus gap filler material 6.5 x 10-3 2.70



SARCON® GR-Sd and GR-SL are two of the lowest modulus type of Thermal Gap Filler Pad material available. Ideally suited for applications requiring low compression force on the component. It offers the high performance of the original GR-d and GR-L materials in a versatile sheet form that very easily conforms in and around protrusions and depressions on components to make complete, reliable physical contact.

  • Absolute lowest modulus with high adhesion
  • Easily fills air gaps, uneven surfaces
  • Lower thermal resistance due to complete surface contact
  • Low molecular silicone content in compliance with Bellcore specification TR-NWT00930


  • Sheets


  • Semiconductors to heat sink
  • Chassis walls to other surfaces
  • Components to heat spreader
  • CD-ROM, DVD-ROM cooling


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